Senate business with Pamela Wallin: A look at the $121K in travel she billed to taxpayers

National Post | News

A Senate committee overseeing Pamela Wallin’s spending audit recommended Tuesday that the RCMP be called in, that she pay back about $82,000 above what she’s already repaid for ineligible expenses and that she be grounded from travelling unless the Senate says she can fly.

Inappropriate expenses

The Deloitte audit examined every flight Ms. Wallin took over 1,369 days between Jan. 1, 2009, and Sept. 30, 2012, between Ottawa and Saskatchewan, the province she represents — many of them with stopovers in Toronto of at least one night. The auditors also determined that $390,182 of the $532,508 claimed by Ms. Wallin for travel was appropriate. Among the claims flagged as inappropriate because they were not Senate business:

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Pamela Wallin’s position at the moment could be compared to a golf professional who is handed a late starting…

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