Cree kinship terms from Chelsea Vowel

Cree Literacy Network

Chelsea 2013-08-16 at 11.59.17 AMRe-blogged with thanks to Chelsea Vowel from (October 24, 2011).
Note that the website that hosted the “Cree Family Unit” that Chelsea mentions is no longer available on the web as of August 2013, so  links to that site have been removed from this post. 


In the Language and Culture Links section of [ ] I linked to a Cree Family Unit site that I stumbled across years ago.  As you can see from the URL, it appears to have been developed in Saskatchewan as part of a family unit in the Cree language/culture program.

There are two ways to navigate this site.  If you click on “Resource” you get the full unadorned document.  Otherwise you can go through it a bit at a time as it is broken down into Lessons.  The nice thing about the Lessons is that there is often audio content that you can…

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