Joe O’Connor: ‘Reverse racism’ preventing Filipino foster parents from adopting Métis toddler in Winnipeg

National Post | Full Comment

On the surface, they appear to be ideal adoptive parents. They are a hardworking, loving couple. They have a steady income and provide a stable home environment as foster parents to a little boy in Winnipeg — a little boy who is now almost 2 1/2 and has been in their care since he was just six months old.

The little boy refers to the couple as “Mama” and “Papa.” They love him to bits and he loves them back. They are prepared to do anything for him, to make all the sacrifices, to legally adopt him, to raise him as though he were one of their own.

Only there is one problem: He isn’t one of their own.

They are Filipino-Canadians and the boy is part Métis, an ethnic divide that has landed the child in the middle of a custody fight between the loving foster parents who want to…

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