A Cautionary Note To Niagara, Ontario On Any Vote In Favour Of Municipal Amalgamation

Niagara At Large

A Comment by Will MacKenzie

(A Brief Foreword by NAL publisher Doug Draper – Niagara, Ontario’s regional council recently agreed to placing a referendum question on the October, 2014 ballots for the next municipal elections, asking voters if they would favour one ‘City of Niagara’ over the current two-tier system of 12 local municipalities and regional government we have in Niagara. The following comment is a thoughtful response to that.)

Before voting in such a referendum on amalgamation, I strongly urge all residents of the Niagara Region to look very closely.

A number of years ago, the former Conservative government of Mike Harris forced amalgamation on a number of cities/municipalities across the province. From what I have seen, most have been absolute disasters!

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