Men charged after taking food from garbage bins

Financial Post | Business

A UK court will examine whether or not the act of “skipping” – taking food throw out by supermarkets –  is illegal. After all, is it really illegal or dishonest to take food that’s on its way to a landfill?

Next month Paul May, Jason Chan and William James will go to trial because they were caught by police taking tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and Mr. Kipling cakes from the garbage bins behind local supermarket, Iceland in Kentish Town. At first the men were arrested for burglary but those charges were changed to an old and obscure section of the 1824 Vagrancy Act,  which makes it a crime to be an enclosed area for an unlawful purpose (stealing food). Police then returned the food to Iceland – which likely tossed it out into the garbage bin once again.

The Guardian reports that the Crown Prosecution Service feels “there is significant…

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