WATCH: Humpback whale in Haida Gwaii captured on video just feet from fishing boat

Global News

Kevin Egan was on a group sport fishing trip last June with friends when he captured a spectacular sight on video.

Egan was out fishing just north of Graham Island in Haida Gwaii, cutting bait, when his friend noticed something in the water.

Less than 5 feet away was a 40-ton humpback whale, looking at them in the boat. Egan and his friends scrambled for a camera, while keeping the boat in neutral.

He says at first they were scared that the whale may try to bump the boat, but Egan says the whale was very calm and avoided making contact with the boat.

“We were at first scared, grabbing railings and bracing ourselves for impact of the whale bumping the boat, but gradually that fear subsided as the whale was highly maneuverable and while sometimes only inches from the boat was so graceful and careful not once made contact…

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