‘We will decide our future ourselves’: Crimeans vote March 16 whether to separate from Ukraine, join Russia

National Post | News

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* Crimea parliament votes to join Russia, referendum March 16

* Divided EU set to warn, not sanction Russia at summit

* Lavrov refuses to meet new Ukrainian counterpart

* Kerry, Lavrov to meet again in Rome

* U.N. envoy surrounded, forced to leave Crimea

* Kiev faces March 7 deadline to pay gas bill

* Greece says Ukraine gas disruption ‘worst scenario’

* Unclear how much gas EU could pump to Ukraine


SIMFEROPOL — Lawmakers in Crimea called a March 16 referendum on whether to break away from Ukraine and join Russia instead, voting unanimously Thursday to declare their preference for doing so.

“This is our response to the disorder and lawlessness in Kyiv,” Sergei Shuvainikov, a member of the local Crimean legislature, said. “We will decide our future ourselves.”

The 100-seat parliament in Crimea, which enjoys a degree of autonomy under current Ukrainian…

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