Canada and Disney: Iskewews for Squaws



We have been set up historically.

The Indian Princess and Squaw– are the terms that are associated with the visual stereotypes of Indigenous Women.

It began with the misunderstanding of the women roles in our societies during contact. We did work. We were not passive contraries to men, where decisions were made for us, because we were property-we were equal in responsibility, for our homefires.

Female imagery is split, but equally objectified with the Warrior stereotype of Indigenous men.

The authenticity of a sexually targeted situation is skewed by the imagery created by the euro-centric narrative. 

try and deconstruct that……

Since women could not be equal or more valuable in a patriarchal lens, it was a mission to perpetuate images of us as easy prey; as squaws. The bounty of erotic fantasies among the settler populus, lead to the fall of our reputation as culturally important to the Canadian nation.

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2 thoughts on “Canada and Disney: Iskewews for Squaws

  1. As with the original blogger.. you do not have permission to use the image of our Chief and Spiritual leader… please remove it asap. Thank you. She is the firs image in the blog

  2. This is an unauthorized use of our Chief’s picture (Caleen Sisk, Winnemem Wintu), taken from the National Geographic website without permission. The original blogger has removed the image at our request. Please do so also. Our chief is neither squaw nor “indian princess” and the use of this image is very disrespectful, not to mention a copyright infringement.

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