Quebec Liberals want austerity … and growth

Global News

CLERMONT, Que. – Premier Philippe Couillard said his government is investing an additional $42 million this year in forestry.

The announcement comes as the provincial Liberal government prepares to deliver an austerity budget in June.

Couillard was in Clermont, about 150 kilometres north-east of Quebec City, in the riding of Charlevoix-Cote-de-Beaupre, where former Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois lost her seat.

The premier also said it would be possible to make cuts in the public sector while continuing to invest in key areas where there is a potential for growth, such as forestry for example.

In fact, Couillard noted that it would be necessary to keep investing in order to avoid creating an economic climate that is too negative.

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“We’re not only talking about austerity because that would put a cloud of negativity around us,” Couillard said.

“We also want to…

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