Full Pundit: ‘Throw these Liberal bums out!’

Put them in Prison

National Post | Full Comment

Rule #1: Don’t make stuff up
The Globe and Mail ‘s Adam Radwanski suggests that if Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath “wants to be taken seriously as a potential premier, she really can’t afford to keep,” well, making stuff up: Saying the Liberals plan to “privatize the [Toronto Transit Commission]” (which they don’t, needless to say); telling the Globe ‘s editorial board “that, with the NDP’s encouragement, the province’s integrity commissioner [is] looking” into s[ending rules for political parties (which it isn’t); and, which we had forgotten about, saying her son had been denied a cast for a broken elbow because the hospital couldn’t afford it.

She also might think about getting some policies. The TorontoStar‘s editorialists think it’s a tad ironic that Horwath is demanding “five televised leaders’ debates to shine a bright light on the party platforms,” considering she’s “the party leader with the fewest policy…

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