Toronto mother’s Instagram account disabled over breastfeeding photo


Global News

TORONTO – A Toronto-area woman says she is fighting to regain control of her Instagram account after users reported images of her breastfeeding her young daughter as sexually explicit.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, Heather Bays received a comment on an image of her holding her nursing daughter that read, “Not cool.”

Having received anti-public-breastfeeding comments on her Instagram account before, Bays said she decided to take the high road and responded, “You mean so cool.”

“Within a minute I had like ten emails from Instagram saying ‘Your photo was removed because of sexually explicit content,’ and of course if someone does that to your account a certain number of times, it’s automatically disabled,” Bays told Global News.

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Bays, a photographer that specializes in child birth and maternity photography, said she was devastated when she realized she could not longer access…

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