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In October of 1966 Huey and I drafted the first version of the Ten-Point Platform and Program, which established the primary goals of the original Black Panther Party. The Platform and Program of the “Black Panther Party for Self-Defense” was a set of guidelines of the Black Panther Party’s ideals and ways of operation. It was a Ten-Point Platform and Program of “What We Want” and “What We Believe”. This Platform and Program is the founding documentation and was the beginning basis of the Black Panther Party.Point #5, of The Black Panther Party’s Ten-Point Platform and Program, called for an “education” that teaches “true history” and “our role in the present-day society.” In fact, the political education that the Black Panther Party members taught and learned was at the root of the growth and development of the Black Panther Party.I have attempted here on

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