Canada’s Yazidi community begs Stephen Harper for help in Iraq

Global News

OTTAWA – Yazidi-Canadians begged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to help their people in Iraq in an emotional rally on Parliament Hill Friday as the United States dropped bombs on the country’s Islamic militants.

Iraq’s minority Yazidi community has been terrorized by Islamic militants in the country’s north to a point some have called a genocide. 

Kajtoon Shammo, an Iraqi-born Canadian who travelled overnight from London, Ont., dropped to her knees holding a sign reading “Save the children.”

“Please Canada, I’m on my knees. Please Canada, I’m begging you: These are our families, these are our children dying by seconds. Please,” she cried.

“I’m begging you. Please Canada, please, stop this genocide. Stop. We want to live.”

‘Please save us’: Yazidi woman begs Stephen Harper, Canada to intervene in genocide:

[tp_video id=1499485]

Shammo wants Canada to pressure countries bordering Iraq to open their borders and allow the Yazidi people to…

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