#CBC Propaganda Challenge 3: #Harper vs #cdnpoli vs #Ukraine vs #Russia vs #NATO

Dump Harper!

Sadly, we are forced to continue our quest to expose the blatant abuse of our trust via the CBC News. Before we begin examining the propaganda of the day, please allow us to present our previous summary posts dated 07 August 2014, 24 August 2014, 27 August 2014 along with two related summary posts from earlier today, 29 August 2014 approx 7:00am EDT and 29 August 2014 approx 4:30pm EDT.

The propaganda piece of the day takes a real ugly and very noticeable twist and is probably the most obvious of all. Not only have the typical subtle things been “updated” such as the title, url wording and link, but the entire article has been pretty much rewritten from the top to the bottom. We were rather fortunate to catch a snapshot of the very first version, before the initial “update” this time.

While the choices being…

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