Editorial: Simplify the school system

Ottawa Citizen

When Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne visited the Citizen’s editorial board during the provincial election campaign back in the spring, we asked her what her position was on Ontario’s unique approach to education.

Earlier in the day, Green party leader Mike Schreiner had made a sensible fiscal pitch for a single public school system, to say nothing of the fundamental unfairness of subsidizing one faith’s educational institutions over all others. Wynne admitted that Ontario probably wouldn’t create a separate, Catholic public system if it were to build the school system from the ground up today, but added that attempting to change the one in place would be too much of a distraction from more important goals.

And therein lies the truth about why public money continues to flow to religious schools in Ontario in 2014.

It isn’t because it would be too hard to obtain a constitutional amendment. Newfoundland and Quebec have already…

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