City moving Oppenheimer Park campers to former “Kettle of Fish” restaurant

Global News

The City of Vancouver says it has found housing for 70 more campers at Oppenheimer Park.

A release from the city of Vancouver says 40 of the campers have already been placed in existing housing. Still, over 100 tents remain in the park and it remains unusable to area residents who are not involved in the encampment.

The city says campers “who wish to move to the shelter spaces now available” will be assisted by city staff. Their belongings will also be relocated by city crews.

City of Vancouver spokesperson Tobin Postma says the number of campers and tents in the park is “pretty fluid,” but there are approximately 220-250 tents and between 160 and 170 people sleeping overnight in the park. Of those, between 100 and 105 are homeless. So far, 40 people have been placed into housing.

Postma says city staff continue to meet with campers to discuss the…

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