Idle No More: Racial Slurs Are Not An Honor

Elyse Bruce

Over the years, certain well-known figures in the sports and entertainment industries have asserted that misappropriating Indigenous culture for financial gain is perfectly acceptable … and, in fact, something everyone should get in on.  When Indigenous peoples have spoken out against this misappropriation, the comment most often used by these sports and entertainment big names is that they misappropriate the culture to honor the culture.

These same sports and entertainment figures will argue that the use of black face is wrong and insensitive, and that any references to the atrocities of WWII are wrong and insensitive.  And they will go to extreme lengths to argue that the wrong and insensitive act of misappropriating the culture of First Nations peoples is the highest compliment they can pay to Indigenous peoples.

Rather than share my views on this subject, this article will ask others to explain how they perceive the following quotes. …

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