How much water does Toronto use each day?

We better stop destroying our clean water

Global News

Toronto is a city built on a lake that contains about 1640 cubic kilometers of water.

Lake Ontario is the city’s primary source of water and residents use nearly a billion litres each day, according to data from the city of Toronto.

Torontonians consumed just over 951,000 litres of water on November 13, 2014. We hit an annual high back on June 17 when residents used almost 1.3 billion liters of water.

To put that in some perspective, 1.3 billion litres of water would fill more than 40,000 average sized backyard swimming pools.

To date, Toronto homes and businesses have consumed about 317 billion litres of water – delivered through thousands of kilometers of water mains. Stretch that pipe end to end and it would reach from Toronto to Glasgow, Scotland. The pipes are one part of $28 billion in water infrastructure managed by the city.

And when they break – things get messy.

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