Tory says better housing, transit can help stall growing income gap

Global News

TORONTO – John Tory says connecting people to jobs and making Toronto a more welcoming business environment will dent the city’s growing income gap.

Toronto’s middle class is shrinking as the city becomes increasingly polarized between high and low earners.

“That is a reality. And it’s a reality that isn’t just about numbers: It’s about people having difficulty supporting their families, finding adequate housing, feeding their kids and so on,” Tory said Thursday morning on The Morning Show.

According to research done by University of Toronto professor David Hulchasnki, 68 per cent of Torontonians were considered middle-income in the 1970s. Now, only 28 per cent are. At the same time, the number of low-income earners has more than doubled, from 23 per cent of Torontonians to 51 per cent.

Tory said there are three things he can do to as mayor  to address the city’s growing income gap: Fix transit…

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