Idle No More: Holding That FN Line

Elyse Bruce

The Dené  people of Ducharme have been holding the line against oil companies eyeing minerals and oil they hope to exploit in the area.  From blocking access to trap lines with security gates and on to destroying the habitat and wildlife in the region, a strong group of First Nations peoples — with support from many others who are not actually in the camp — have been fighting against the endangerment of the environment and the destruction of their sustainable way of life.

The oil companies argue that they have agreements in place with the Mayor and Council of La Loche, however, this is Dené  Territory;  La Loche doesn’t hold jurisdiction over the land.

The Denesuline are hardest hit:  Their rights are being marginalized, and their concerns are being negated.  Oil companies focus their attention on city and town councils, and oftentimes refuse to consider their legal duty to consult…

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