Police are killing Native Americans at an alarming rate — so why isn’t anyone talking about?



There are 5.1 million American Indians and Alaska Natives in the U.S. as of 2011, significantly fewer than the country’s 45 million black Americans (as of 2013). But like black Americans, indigenous people are killed by law enforcement officers at rates that far outstrip their share of the population.

While #BlackLivesMatter evolved into a national rallying cry for racial justice over the summer, a largely overlooked #NativeLivesMatter movement has been quietly galvanizing activists as well. Few mainstream outlets report on it, but the indigenous blogosphere and Twitterverse abound with horror stories, not the least of which is that six Native men and women were killed by police in November and December alone.

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One thought on “Police are killing Native Americans at an alarming rate — so why isn’t anyone talking about?

  1. Please tell me what I can do in spreading the word and to stop the violence not only for the Blacks and Hispanic but for the Native Indian also.
    I think we need to bring all 3 groups together and educate one another to become on major force so I voice can be heard, All 3 groups have gone through enough mistreatment, pull down and taken from.
    We are American too, I voice needs to be heard, and let them know we are tired ad it’s stops here.
    I will be more then happy to lead a movement to put a stop to it so I voices can be heard.

    Thank you,
    Rev. Anthony O. Wofford

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