New Brunswick teen uses blog to tell story of coping with depression

Global News

A Sussex teen’s blog on coping with depression is garnering a lot of attention.

For years, 17-year-old Naomi Mahoney suffered in silence, telling no one she was suffering from feelings of self-hatred, had developed an eating disorder and had begun to harm herself.

She said at one point she couldn’t bring herself to even look in the mirror.

“I would just go and wash my hands and then leave because I just didn’t want to see myself,” she said. “I was always the picked-on kid, like I wasn’t all that skinny and I wasn’t all that pretty.”

Overcome with self-loathing, Naomi said she fell into a deep depression in middle school and developed an eating disorder. She even showered with her clothes on so she wouldn’t have to look at her own body.

“It was disgusting to me. I actually just put a t-shirt on.”

She said she eventually started cutting and burning her…

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