Donations Accepted

In Support of the #IdleNoMore movement & in partner ship with our Non-Profit start up ThirdWorldCouncil-NativeAmerica we will now be accepting, not asking for, Donations.   The Link below, takes you to a paypal donation site.  The amount is fixed at $5.00.

For Donations in larger amounts, we have recently been notified that does accept larger donations directly in support of the #IdleNoMore movement.

An Information page for TWC-NA will be set up to explain our purposes and what/where any money will be used for, However, this website remains dedicated to the #IdleNoMore cause as a whole, so If you’d like to make a Donation for more, for bigger reasons we will do everything we can to help you find the appropriate place to do so, #IdleNoMore related.

Also, FYI… Any accepted donations will not be used to pay salaries or commissions to anybody. For more information on our program feel free to contact us: or

Donations to/for will be administered by Freeze Flame Productions Inc.  &  Third World Council-Native America(A division of Freeze Flame Productions Inc.)

– See more at:

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